Our Newest San Mateo Police Member- K9 Zigi- is Off to a Running Start!

zigiSan Mateo Police Department would like to introduce our newest department member K9 Zigi.  Zigi is a 5-year-old Belgian Malinois. He is trained as a dual purpose K9 in protection, narcotic detection and SKIDDS- Swat & K9’s Interacting During Deployment. Zigi comes to us ready to patrol the streets with his partner Officer Travis Barker.  As some of you may know, Officer Barker recently retired his previous partner, K9 Borry, after 6 years of service.  K9 Borry will be sorely missed and Zigi definitely has some big paws to fill, but he is off to a great start! During his first week patrolling the beat K9 Zigi successfully alerted on illegal substances on three separate investigations, which led to arrests. Well done Zigi!



Zigi is fitting in nicely at San Mateo Police Department and is already scoping out his office even though it is already being used by our very own Lieutenant Mefford.



We are happy to have Zigi a part of our San Mateo Police family and he is proud to serve the City of San Mateo for years to come. Zigi loves to get out of his patrol car and meet new people especially for some extra pets. If you see Officer Barker and Zigi feel free to say hello and meet our newest paw patrol!


3 thoughts on “Our Newest San Mateo Police Member- K9 Zigi- is Off to a Running Start!

  1. OMG! Zigi is SUPER CUTE! Hope to meet Zigi some time. (oh, not on the job, maybe while he’s having coffee somewhere)

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