The SMPD Safety B.O.L. – Issue #2

The men and women of the San Mateo Police Department take their sworn oath to uphold public safety very much to heart. Our monthly Safety B.O.L. will not only allow you the chance to get to know some of your San Mateo police officers on a more personal basis, but will also give your officers another opportunity to communicate with those they have sworn to protect, educating you on a variety of safety related topics chosen specifically to make you and your loved ones safer here in our beautiful city. 

Officer Chice and the SMPD Traffic Division would like to remind you that the week of October 19th is National Teen Driver Awareness Week. Distracted driving is the most dangerous activity our children can engage in. While many of us cannot be without our electronic tethers we have to realize that our teens follow our lead. However, it is illegal for those under the age of 18 to use their wireless telephone or mobile device even if it is being used hands free. Distracted driving is not only driving while using a cellular device. It also can include the actions of passengers in the vehicle, as well as eating, reading, or even changing the radio station while driving.

Let’s do everything we can to keep our children safe. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) in 2012, 2,823 teenagers between 13 and 19 were killed in vehicle collisions. Per mile driven, the fatality crash rate is 3 times that of a driver 20 and over. What’s worse is that more that 75% of these fatal collisions do not involve alcohol or drugs.

Set a good example for our teen drivers and avoid distractions of any kind when you are behind the wheel…Be safe. Stay safe. Focus on the road.

The San Mateo Police Department has adopted the Impact Teen Driver program funded by the California Office of Traffic Safety.  Please visit their web page or contact one of your local School Resource Officers or the SMPD Traffic Division for more details.


Officer Jason Chice is an 11-year veteran of the San Mateo Police Department.   He is currently assigned to our Traffic Division and has investigated more than 500 traffic collisions.  He is proud to serve as one of your police officers and possesses a wide range of expertise, including his service as an SMPD Rangemaster and Firearms Instructor. 


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