Captain’s Commendation – Detective Dave Manion’s Relentless and Life-Saving Investigation

Congratulations to Detective Dave ManionOften when we think of police officers taking life-saving action, we imagine the high-octane, bad-guy chasing and fighting heroes we see in TV and movies. Good cops can tell you that often the real work of putting criminals away lies much more heartily on the pen and paper than it does on the cuffs and gun. It’s a rare occasion when we get the opportunity to highlight the incredible work that good old fashioned, behind-the-scenes detective work can do.

The details of this account have been purposely left non-specific in some details to preserve the victim’s confidentiality and the pending prosecution. No additional specifics are available for the public at this time. Thank you for understanding.

In January 2014, Detective Dave Manion was assigned to investigate a home invasion robbery that started in another jurisdiction and continued into the City of San Mateo. Multiple victims were held captive at gun point in the female victim’s apartment in another Bay Area city. While being held captive, one female victim was sexually assaulted by the suspect. The suspect also stole the victims’ property before releasing them.

Two days later, the same victims returned to a friend’s apartment in San Mateo, where they were confronted by the same suspect in their parking garage. The suspect used a ruse to get the victims to allow him into the apartment, where the suspect again produced a handgun. The suspect stole additional property and ordered the female victim to write him three checks totaling over $100,000. SMPD detectives worked tenaciously to identify the suspect.

During the course of the investigation, Detective Manion identified the suspect. He was involved in the US military and was stationed at a nearby military base.

Within the week, SMPD Detectives led by Det. Manion had the suspect in custody and seized evidence of the crime from the suspect’s residence. The suspect was released on bail in early March. At that time, the victim started receiving numerous text messages from an unknown subject. The victim also received a voicemail from someone posing as a San Jose Police Detective asking to meet with the female victim. Detective Manion listened to the voicemail and quickly identified the voice as belonging to the original suspect. Detective Manion believed that he would continue to attempt to locate the female victim and her safety was in danger if the suspect was not immediately located and arrested.

Detective Manion learned that the suspect may have been staying at a relative’s home in the East Bay. Detectives and SMPD’s Crime Reduction Unit set up surveillance of the residence and used a ruse to get into contact with the suspect. The suspect was again taken into custody. A search of the suspect’s residence and vehicle was conducted. The handgun used in the commission of the crime was located. Inside the suspect’s backpack and vehicle, detectives found zip-ties, sleeping-aid pills; nylon gloves, heavy duty plastic bags, and odor eliminate products. All these items collectively were indicative to our Detectives of the suspect’s intentions of committing a murder and disposing of a body.

Based on the actions taken by Detective Manion a violent predator was apprehended and due to his follow up contact with the victim, a potentially very serious crime was prevented. It is with distinct pleasure and pride that I present Officer Dave Manion with the San Mateo Police Department Captain’s Commendation for a job well done. Congratulations!Captain Jack Ratcliffe


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