SMPOA Donates Crab Feed Proceeds to the Autism Society SF Bay Area

Vault 164 and San Mateo’s Police Officers’ Association Raise Funds for the SF Bay Area Autism Society!

Vault 164 - Autism BenefitOn Wednesday night, April 30th, restaurant Vault 164’s Brad Goldberg hosted a fundraising event. Vault 164 will be donating 15% of all proceeds for the evening to the Autism Society SF Bay Area. San Mateo Police Officers’ Association was in attendance, and presented the Autism Society with a donation of the proceeds from SMPOA’s Annual Crab Feed. SMPOA feels a strong kinship with the Autism Community.





About the SMPOA Annual Crab Feed

SMPOAIn February of 2014, the San Mateo Police Officers’ Association (SMPOA) held their 5th Annual Crab Feed and Casino Night. The first SMPOA Crab Feed was an event started by the men and women of the San Mateo Police Officers’ Association in order to reach out to the public. The SMPOA wanted to host an event where officers and members of the community could come together, get to know one another, and have fun in a very open and social atmosphere. To the surprise of the SMPOA, the first Crab Feed was a complete sell out and a success beyond anything they ever expected. Over the last five years, the event has grown in attendance, and in fun!   Attendance for this year’s event exceeded three hundred guests for the fifth year in a row.  From the crab, to the dancing, the raffles and silent sports memorabilia auction, to the newly added Casino Night, this has truly become the San Mateo Police Officers’ Association’s Event of the Year!



Selection of this Worthy Cause

SMPOA CRAB FEEDThis year, the Board Members of the SMPOA decided it was time to share their good fortune and partner with a charitable organization, and that all proceeds from the Crab Feed should be donated to a worthwhile cause. Several SMPOA families had been affected by Autism. Because this cause hit so close to home, San Mateo Police Chief Susan Manheimer introduced the SMPOA Board Members to Brad Goldberg, owner of San Mateo restaurant Vault 164. Mr. Goldberg, an active supporter of the San Mateo Police Activities League (SMPAL) and has close ties to the Autism community, happily put the SMPOA in contact with the Autism Society San Francisco Bay Area.  A fast friendship was formed through this community partnership. The SMPOA was proud to welcome Autism Society SF Bay Area Board Members and President Jill Escher to the event. President Escher was gracious enough to speak, informing the captive audience of their mission, programs, and services, which benefit the Autism community.


Learn More About Autism and What YOU Can Do to Help

“You can learn more about Autism Society SF Bay Area at They run many educational programs, networking events, and policy efforts to improve the community options for the burgeoning population of people affected by Autism, and have become the center point for collaborative advocacy on behalf of local Autism families. San Mateo County alone now has 1,060 students ages 3-21 with Autism, up from about 250 in 2001, and the number keeps rising.” –SF Bay Area Autism Society President Jill Escher

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