Hero’s Quest – Follow SMPD’s Newest k9!

Hero at SMPD

Our newest k9 “Hero” is in partner training with his handler Officer Steve Martin up in Red Bluff. Here’s Officer Martin’s Training Update:


April 15th, 2014 – 

Officer Martin advises SanMateoPD that he and Hero are continuing to build their bond – they are learning each other’s non-verbal cues just like partner officers do on the beat, and learning hand signs for obedience. He says  “Hero is doing great – he’s performing really well in his obedience training and continuing to improve every day. Hero is working well in his off-leash training and we are really looking forward to serving the citizens of San Mateo!”

Officer Martin and Hero

Officer Martin and Hero are using what little down-time they have in this intensive training to strengthen their friendship.

Officer Martin also sent us a video of Hero training on a building search. Hero checks and secures the open areas of the building, then identifies the pretend suspect’s hiding spot and makes the arrest!

In case you cannot see the video, or to check out the highlights, click HERE


April 5th, 2014 –

“Hero is doing well – definitely lots of energy and is promising to be a great k9!

He likes chasing and biting the pretend bad guy and is doing well with the beginning of his narcotics detection.

Maybe I’m biased but for the “rookie” dogs I’d say he’s one of the best in the class.”


We will be posting regular updates during Hero’s five weeks of training up in Red Bluff – stay tuned!

Hero - SMPD's Newest k9

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