Award for Valor by the Peninsula Lions – SMPD Officers Boyle, Lewis, Montojo, and Valencia

Lions Valor Award Reccipients

From Left – Officers Valencia, Montojo, Lewis, and Boyle

On the afternoon of August 12th, 2013, SMPD Officers responded to an emergency report of a stabbing incident actively occurring in the unit block of West Fourth Avenue. Officers Boyle, Lewis, Montojo and Valencia all arrived on scene at the same time and without hesitation ran up to the victim’s apartment. Upon arrival, each officer noticed that the victim was stabbed multiple times and was profusely bleeding. Standing beside her was her very large and  mentally unstable son who was in possession of a large kitchen knife. Officers were able to use a combination of tactical communication and non-lethal force to subdue the suspect, despite the fact that deadly force was an eminent possibility due to the circumstances.

Upon safe detention of the suspect, officers immediately went into medical lifesaving efforts, even as the suspect continued to attempt to assault officers. The teamwork was seamless as Officers Lewis and  Boyle started immediate CPR on the victim, while Officers Montojo and Lewis checked the remainder of the apartment for further victims.

The ultimate successful outcome of the dynamic scene was due to the heroic actions of all officers on scene. In a time where many LE officers are being scrutinized for use of force (even when justified) on persons with mental health issues, the officers’ experience and proper use of trained tactics were exemplary. It takes great teamwork and immense confidence in one’s fellow officers to continue lifesaving efforts in the face of a continuing violent incident. These officers remained focused despite the chaotic situation, and each played their part in rendering this scene safe.

The selfless acts of valor and swift actions in an extremely dangerous situation by Officers Boyle, Montojo, Valencia, and Lewis should be recognized, and the men and women of the San Mateo Police Department are very proud of their fellow team members!

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