Officer Keller on Ajax’s First Few Months “Cleaning Up the Streets”

Ajax - Cleaning up the streets! The following blog comes from our newest k9 handler, Officer Sean Keller. His partner Ajax is a popular new attraction at SMPD for kids and families, and one of our newest crime-fighting heroes on the street! Friends, I am so proud to be telling you about the adventures of Ajax – my partner on the street, and San Mateo PD’s newest k9! Ajax is adapting well to his new home and his duties as a police k9.  Since moving into our house  four months ago, he has befriended his new canine pal Gus, and has easily won the love from my wife and our three children.  He enjoys running in our yard, playing at the dog beach, and going on our long family walks.  When he is not working, he definitely acts like a 16 month old puppy – constantly getting into mischief, and keeping us awake by tossing his metal water bowl into the air all night long.  He is wonderful to have at the house and we are ever so grateful when he lets us know we have a visitor. Ajax - San Mateo Police K9At work, Ajax’s first four months have been wild, but fun.  He received his police badge and is officially cruising in the patrol car eager to assist me and my teammates.  We have put him to work and he’s really earned the respect of his fellow officers by finding narcotics, tracking robbery suspects, and helping catch wanted felons.  He has assisted several surrounding police agencies with his impressive doggy skills. Ajax - The friendly pup sideOn his soft side, Ajax has met with several of the San Mateo citizens and we’ve hosted a few meet and greets at the police department.  He loves his community and he enjoys the children and the belly rubs they provide.  He treats everyone as a member of his pack and he is ready and willing to protect our community with no questions asked.  We are all so blessed to have such an amazing, “fur ball” working with us and providing that extra level of comfort. In the upcoming months, Ajax is attending an international police k9 conference and an advanced tracking course.  These courses help him learn new skills and hone the ones he already has.  Ajax is just as passionate about doing great policework, keeping the public safe, and catching bad guys as his partner officers are here at SMPD – like many of them he aspires to be part of the action and join the special weapons and tactics (SWAT) team.  In August, we will send Ajax to SKIDDS (SWAT K9 Interaction During Deployment School) and Ajax will officially be part of the North Central Regional SWAT Team!Ajax Demo for kids Thank you all for your support and we hope to see you during our next community event. Officer Keller K-9 Officer Sean Keller #163 San Mateo Police Department

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