Help SMPD Recover your Lost and Stolen Items – Use ReportIt – It’s FREE!

Stolen PropertyTake 5 minutes to record important details about your valuable property, and help the San Mateo Police Department and other Law Enforcement Agencies in the battle to recover and return stolen property to the rightful owners!

As part of our ongoing public safety partnership, SMPD is recommending a tool that you, our community, can use to help us stop and solve crime…

Police everywhere recover suspected stolen property in the hands of bad-guys all the time, only to find themselves powerless to return the property to the rightful owners. Experienced cops can tell you that the number one roadblock between the loss and recovery of your stuff is very often the lack of pertinent identifying information for that property. Without this valuable data, police have difficulty making cases for prosecution, and unfortunately are often unable to return these valuable items to the people who owned them.

Etching ToolSome of our veteran Neighborhood Watch members will remember the days when police would assist the community with the inventory and identification of valuables, often by using an etching tool to engrave owner-applied ID names or numbers on valuables. Nowadays, most of our most valuable items (mobile phones and other delicate electronics items) would not tolerate these techniques. Thanks to, a service used by San Mateo Police and many other Departments, technology has brought the property ID and inventory process into the internet age. This service is FREE.


Through the website, City of San Mateo community members can safely and securely store important information that is useful in identifying and recovering property in the event of a loss or theft. ReportIt offers a single, web-based location where community members can store descriptions, photos, receipts, and serial numbers of their valuables (there is even space for those hand-etched names or ID numbers, if desired). Registration is safe, secure and easy. The process takes only a few minutes to set up, each account can store information for up to 100 valuables, and again, it’s FREE.

ReportIt SMPDBecause the system is web-based, ReportIt accounts and their information can be accessed by any computer. If you lose your phone or laptop, you can log in through the web from anywhere with internet access and retrieve critical information that Law Enforcement can use through the Automated Property System to recover your lost or stolen items.

Sign up today at and give yourself the best possible chance of recovering lost property.



  • Always lock up your homes and vehicles, even when leaving only for a few minutes.
    • Criminals are opportunists, and unsecured homes and vehicles are a wide-open opportunity!
  • Always stow your valuables OUT OF SIGHT before you park.
    • Criminals have proven to us, and outright told us, that their greatest inspiration to smash your vehicle’s window is the visible presence of valuables in plain view.
  • See Something – Say Something!
    • Report all criminal and suspicious activity to SMPD via 911, or use our non-emergency number 650-522-7700
    • Watch out for each other – Join NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH – Contact SMPD Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Officer John Rink at 650-522-7744 or 

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