Community Support to Revitalize SMPD’s K9 Program

Keller and Ajax - BlogThe San Mateo Police Department has recently committed itself to rejuvenating our K9 program, a program that brings with it both great reward and great expense. With the expectation of expanding our program in the coming year, we have proudly sworn in Ajax, our latest four legged rookie who is ready to work the streets and make the community we serve safer. For now, Ajax will be our lone K9 and the pressure on his four paws will be great. Nonetheless, we fully expect that he will demonstrate to the public every day the value of our four legged friends in blue and the need to swear in more of his furry partners in the coming year.

As you may know, the potential for a well-trained police K9 is seemingly limitless, from drug detection, to suspect tracking, to locating lost persons, to crowd control, these K9’s provide services to the public that are irreplaceable and we will stop at nothing to give Ajax every chance to succeed. With its ability to track and potentially stop and detain a dangerous suspect in a non-lethal manner, a properly trained K9 can be a vital part of a municipal police department, protecting not only the officers but the people we serve to protect.

As stated above, a K9 program is an expensive endeavor and as we rebuild this program from the ground up, our City and Department have gratuitously supported Ajax and his handler, Officer Sean Keller, with the time and training they need to form the bond that this duo will need to proudly serve the City of San Mateo for years to come. Still, as is the case for many Police Departments and City Governments our size, there are expenses that we need help covering. The purpose of our fundraising efforts on is to purchase and provide Ajax and Officer Keller with the training equipment they need to succeed on the job. Be it leashes, harnesses, or the various protective training equipment such as bite sleeves and bite suits, all of this equipment can last for many years once acquired. The initial expense can be daunting, but with your help we can give Ajax and Officer Keller the tools they need to be their very best.

We thank you very much for your attention to this page and we wish you and yours all the best in 2014. Every donation over $50 dollars will receive a free T-shirt in the size of your choice and any donations over $100 will include both the T-Shirt and a Challenge Coin.

For more information about how YOU can help support this program, visit the K9 Program’s GoFundMe Page:

UPDATE – As of January 8th, 2014 we have met our goal of raising $3500 for the SMPD K9 Program in just 7 days – thank you all for your support!

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