San Mateo Deputy Police Chief Michael Callagy Retires After 29 Years to Take on New Challenges at the County Level

Callagy Press Conference San Mateo’s Deputy Police Chief Michael Callagy announced his retirement to members of the San Mateo Police Department late last week, on the heels of an opportunity to take on more challenges as San Mateo County’s next Deputy County Manager. Deputy Chief Callagy’s last day at SMPD will be November 11th.

Deputy Chief Callagy has been with San Mateo Police Department for over 29 years, and has served in many different capacities at varying levels of responsibility within the SMPD. He spent a number of years of service with SMPD involved in the Investigations side of the business, both in the narcotics and the criminal investigations fields. DC Callagy has been an investigator, supervisor, and manager in this field, and has been instrumental in establishing a hard-working investigations unit that places a high priority on community safety and quality of life. Largely due to his influence, SMPD Detectives have an outstanding reputation with our County District Attorney’s Office and are highly regarded for their skill and professionalism by agencies within and outside of San Mateo County.

“I will always cherish the collaborations, partnerships and relationships that we have formed in an effort to make a difference for the community members that have put their trust in us to do the right thing…  I am so proud to have worked side by side with all of you and to say that I was a Police Officer at SMPD. ”     – San Mateo Deputy Police Chief Michael Callagy  

Deputy Chief Michael Callagy leaves behind an enduring legacy of professionalism and community involvement based on strong leadership by example. The men and women of the San Mateo Police Department are grateful to have been influenced by him.

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