Phone Scams – Don’t provide personal information to random callers!

Internet Safety

We received this message today from one of our community members – thankfully, she did not provide information to the caller:
“Hello – today I received a call on my home phone from a Michael with Cyber Support, insisting that our PC’s WIndows 7 had been hacked by some company. When I advised that our PC has not been used in over 3 years and that we had a Mac, he still insisted that there could be major issues, etc. I asked to be put on their Do Not Call list, but he just kept blabbing… Microsoft advised on their website to report any suspicious calls that followed what I went through to the local authorities”.

Here are some general safety tips about scam callers from SMPD Fraud Detectives:
• Computer repair companies and similar services will not proactively contact you about problems with your personal computer – if they do it is a scam!
• Be very wary of ANYONE who is calling you and asking your for personal identifying information that they might be able to use to access your credit or finances.
• If you get a Caller ID number, check the internet to see if there are any scam alerts associated with it.
• If you are requested to send the money to another country consider it fraud every time!
• As a rule, you should never respond to a telephone call, email, or mail request to send money through a wire service.
• You cannot win a lottery unless you enter it yourself! No one is going to give money away like this…
• Be wary of any solicitors and remember they use tactics to scare or confuse you so you won’t think clearly.

For more fraud prevention tips, review the safety information on these two articles here at

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