Important Web and Community Alert Information From SMPD

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This is a Public Safety Webpage Created by the San Mateo Police Department to provide community information to the public on important crime trends and safety topics.

This page is NOT monitored 24/7. To report a crime or suspicious activity, or in the event of emergencies, please contact SMPD via 911, or 650-522-7700. 

This page contains information that is supplemental to the SMPD Webpage on the City of San Mateo Website. For more information on the San Mateo Police Department and the City of San Mateo please visit .

Keep up with Crime Trends in Your Area!

Daily Updated Crime Stats –


SMPD uploads its crime data daily to CrimeReports and makes that data

available to the public. You get the same information SMPD uses to spot crime hotspots and trends to police effectively in your community. See what’s happening in your area and subscribe to customized weekly crime reports using this valuable public-access tool.

Subscribe to our Community Alerts!

Nixle –      

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SMPD is committed to bringing you up-to-date information on public safety action and crime trends in your area. Use any of the following websites to subscribe  to regular community alerts from the San Mateo Police Department:

Nixle is a web-based community alert service used by SMPD and over 6,000 public safety agencies nationwide. Nixle houses your information securely in the same computer servers where police agencies house police telecommunications information used by our officers on the street. Through a simple subscription process, you can receive the latest information from SMPD via email or text message. Text messages include a link to the original email/release message on a visually appealing webpage.

SMCAlert –  

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SMC Alert operates via San Mateo County’s Office of Emergency Services, and subscribers may also receive messages from this system via email or text message. Several local agencies also send out frequent alerts on SMCAlert, and subscribers may subscribe to other local jurisdictions.

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Follow @SanMateoPD on Twitter

SMPD has an established presence on Twitter, with over 3500 followers. Following @San MateoPD on Twitter will get you all of our community alert messages as links to Nixle, and will provide additional information in the form of events in San Mateo, SMPD Community Interests like Neighborhood Watch and Police Activities League, and Virtual Ride-Alongs (also known as “Tweets from the Beat”). Follow us –

Scan the QR Code with your mobile device to follow @SanMateoPD via Twitter!

Scan the QR Code with your mobile device to follow @SanMateoPD via Twitter!

Like CityofSanMateoPolice on Facebook!

SMPD’s Facebook Page continues to grow. Look here for links to the latest photos and videos related to SMPD, as well as links to our latest community alert messages via Nixle.

Click here to visit SMPD’s Facebook Page:

Scan the QR with your mobile Device to Visit SMPD on Facebook!

Scan the QR with your mobile Device to Visit SMPD on Facebook!

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