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San Mateo Police Department’s success depends on a Community Policing model we call Neighborhood Safety Partnerships – we believe that success in crime prevention and control is a responsibility that we share with the community. We provide you with updated, expedient, and accurate information about public safety information about your community, and, in turn, you partner with us by investing in your community’s safety, sharing information with your neighbors and the police, and calling us when you see trouble in your neighborhood.

We would like to encourage our engaged neighbors to subscribe to SMPD’s Community Alerts. This can be done in a few different ways:

Nixle –
Nixle is a web-based service that offers secure and free subscription to community alerts from SMPD by email, text, or both. The information you provide to Nixle is highly secure and won’t be sold or provided to others. Subscription is fast and easy at .
Nixle has an iPhone and iPad app also available that will not only provide you with messages from San Mateo PD, it will also provide localized alerts from nixle-enabled agencies wherever you travel.

SMCAlert –
For those who would like to receive messages from throughout San Mateo County, try SMCAlert. This system is operated by the San Mateo County Office of Emergency Services. Not as flashy as Nixle, but SMPD provides the same information via SMCAlert email as we do to the media and Nixle. High-priority and crime trend messages are also sent via SMCAlert as a text message. Signup takes a little more patience, but is just as secure and offers the opportunity to subscribe to other agencies within San Mateo County at the same time. Sign up at .

Twitter and Facebook
Two of the most conventional forms of social media also provide notifications of any SMPD Community Alerts.
“Follow” @SanMateoPD on Twitter (  or by texting the phrase “follow @sanmateopd” to 40404 (that is twitter’s 5-digit text #) and you will receive “tweets” with a link to the alert information.
“Like” us on Facebook (  – the same short message with a link to the alert will appear on San Mateo Police Department’s Facebook page.

Current Crime Information is Available Online

Access to San Mateo crime trends and basic report information is publicly available any time at You can also subscribe to regular, customized crime activity reports for your area through this site.

Forward online crime information to SMPD:
For online Crime Information that you receive in a chat thread, help us by forwarding that information to
Call SMPD immediately if you see or hear anything suspicious in your neighborhood:
For ‘In-Progress” Crimes – 911
For Non-Emergency Issues or Mobile Phones – 650-522-7700
Have information on current investigations or ongoing crime trends?
SMPD Investigations Bureau: 650-522-7650
SMPD Secret Witness hotline: 650-522-7676
Anonymous Text to SMPD: 650-262-3473

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