Refer Online Crime Trend Chat Threads to SMPD!

SMPD is committed to staying on top of ongoing crime trends and we depend on the Community referring this information to us so that we can address these issues as quickly as possible. We have noticed that often neighborhood groups have internal neighborhood discussions about ongoing crime trends or suspicious activity in their neighborhood, and these chats are delayed in being routed or do not get routed to SMPD.

As an example, in, neighborhood “discussions” can be viewed and commented upon by neighbors, but not necessarily by SMPD. The City of San Mateo identities subscribed on NextDoor may push important City of San Mateo information OUTto all subscribed neighborhoods, but do not have NextDoor’s permission to view and participate in local neighborhood discussions.

Area Commanders in SMPD Patrol Operations are tasked with identifying and addressing emerging neighborhood issues and crime trends. These Patrol Lieutenants rely on crime mapping of police reports and information from the community to identify these issues and trends, and provide plans to resolve them. However, without input from the community such as reporting ALL crimes and forwarding valuable information from our “eyes and ears” (YOU – Our Community), it is difficult for SMPD to fulfill its commitment to rapidly identifying and addressing these problems in your neighborhood.

San Mateo Police Department’s Neighborhood Safety Partnership is an effective model for Community Oriented Policing, but it requires your investment as a concerned community member to help us identify neighborhood issues.

SMPD would like to remind the community to forward any ongoing crime trend or suspicious activity information to us:

  • Please report ALL crimes to SMPD, even if you are referred to our online reporting, so that we can map and identify crime trends quickly.
  • Call 911 to report in-progress crimes, or call the non-emergency SMPD line at 650-522-7700
  • Bookmark this link to SMPD Online reporting:
  • Forward any crime trend emails to so that we can route the information to the appropriate area command.
  • If you are having a discussion about criminal activity in your area on, you can include the “City of San Mateo” neighborhood in the discussion, and your chat thread will be seen by the City Organization and SMPD.
  • If you have any questions about whether your information is valuable to SMPD, feel free to email Community and Media Relations Sergeant Rick Decker .You can view continually updated crime information in the City of San Mateo and customize crime trend reports for your area at .

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